Sylvia Nakachi

Sylvia Nakachi is a descendant of the Eastern Islands of Erub in the Torres Strait Islands, and has lived all her life in the community of Bamaga. Through her mother’s bloodline, she is a Meuram (worshippers) Tribe woman whose totem is the Beuger (Fridget Bird). Through her father’s bloodline, she is a Peidu (warrior) Tribe woman, whose totem is the Dabor (Mackerel). She was raised by her grandparents, who became her parents through traditional Torres Strait customary lore and adoption. Nakachi has an undergraduate degree in education, a graduate certificate in childhood studies and a master’s in human services childhood studies. As an emerging writer, Nakachi recently completed her first novel about the journey of a young Torres Strait Islander boy who becomes a man, who lives life before contact with white men, the London Missionary Society and colonisation. A passionate child advocate, Nakachi also teaches and works at different schools to embed Indigenous perspectives.