Yvette Holt

Yvette Holt is a national multi-award winning poet, Blackademic (academic), feminist and comedienne.  Yvette’s works have been translated into French, Mandarin and Chile (Maupache). Her first publication, anonymous premonition, won the David Unaipon Award 2005, the Victorian Premier’s Literary for Indigenous Writing 2008, the Scanlon Prize for Poetry NSW 2008 and the Kate Challis RAKA Award 2010. Holt’s poetic lyricism inhales the width and breadth of female antiquity and contemporary gender-cide, an absorbing interpretation of rivers, deserts and astronomical landscapes borne of feminine time and energy. Currently completing her master’s degree on the topic of ‘What is humour? Aboriginal comedy, expressionism and language’ at Deakin University, Holt also performs stand-up comedy, delivered with whiplash wit and an abundance of political incorrectness, at select comedy venues.